Review Mashup (2) feat. LA Candy, Incarnate, and Hoot

Sometimes after I read books, I don’t have enough to say for a full review post. In order to review every book I read, I’ve decided to start compiling these books into review mashups every so often. For this post, I have the first book in a lighthearted contemporary, a fantasy world, and a children’s book that I revisited!

L.A. Candy (L.A. Candy, #1)L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad (LA Candy #1) – Published: HarperCollins 2009 – Genre: Contemporary – Format: Library

This book was really fun, but not much else. I thought the idea of getting an inside look into a show, very similar to Conrad’s, was interesting but I didn’t really like any of the characters. They should have known what they were getting into with their TV show, but both girls were so naive the entire time. Also, Scarlett probably should have been the main character. Jane was boring, but Scarlett had plenty of spunk. I haven’t watched any of Lauren Conrad’s shows, but apparently the book is very similar to her life story, which I am not a huge fan of. Overall, this was really fluffy for me.

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Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (Newsoul #1) – Published: Katherine Tegen 2012 – Genre: Fantasy – Format: Kindle

The problems in the book could have just been my lack of skill as a fantasy reader – but if you are just getting into the genre like I am, this is probably not for you. The world building was very shabby. I didn’t really understand the incarnation in this book. Maybe it’s just my own mental block, but I didn’t understand if it fit in with our world, a new world, a dystopia? Anyway, I felt it very hard to connect to any of the characters because I was never comfortable in the world. The romance was very insta-lovey, although I did like it more by the end. I will probably continue on with this series, but this book didn’t blow me away like I expected to.

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HootHoot by Carl Hiaasen – Published: Yearling 2002 – Genre: Children’s Mystery – Format: Paperback

This is a reread for me, and when I was younger, I LOVED Carl Hiaasen. Anyway, I wanted to try this book out again. It wasn’t as great as I remembered it as. I felt like the multiple perspectives were really confusing, and I got the characters mixed up a little bit. It was also very slow moving and nothing really captured me. I did like the environmental tones within the book and all of the adventures these kids go on. Plus, I thought it was really fun to revisit a book from my past! I’ll have to do this more often.

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