Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Review


5/5 Stars

OMG THAT BOOK WAS SO CUTE! – first reaction

Fangirl is about Cath, sister to Wren (let’s give a high five to Rainbow Rowell for best naming of a character ever) who is going to college. She lives with her mean roommate Reagan and Reagan’s best friend, Levi, who is there enough that he practically lives there. We also get characters like Professor Piper, her fiction writer teacher, and Nick, who writes with her. 

Oh, wait, she’s exactly like us!

Legit, Cath is the fangirl. She writes fanfiction, has a gay noncanon ship, buys merchandise, watches the movies, goes to the midnight release party. this character is us. 

I love Cath and Levi’s relationship. It was so cute to see them develop together, from the beginning when they invited her to get out of her room with the protein bars. Just adorable. Wren was one of the most interesting characters with her alcoholism problem. I really liked how that topic was touched on. It was done beautifully and she really redeemed herself and their relationship. Great work!

The plot was much better than Eleanor & Park, in my opinion. The main character was much more human. While she had her faults, they didn’t define her. She was strong without being an overdose. It was so hard watching her go through all of the dramas of her freshman year. 

Must read. Seriously, read this if you’ve ever loved a book. And because you are on Goodreads, then you probably have a favorite book. Just read it, okay?


The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey: Review

The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

This book has mostly rave reviews, but this one will not be. Mostly because I was so confused throughout the entire book. Cassie skips around a lot in her life story, with the time jumps and the explanations after the event has already occurred. Also, there are dual POVs between Cassie and her high school crush, Ben Parish. Honestly, Ben’s parts were a lot better than Cassie’s. He was easier to relate to. 
Sammy was probably the actual main character. He was the connection between Sam and Cassie which really were the entire motivations for this book. I always knew that Evan was not right, he wasn’t human, Cassie shouldn’t trust him. Even when she started, I never believed her, or him, for that matter. Ringer was a fantastic character who really had a lot of power. She was brilliant in her strategies and wins the award for my favorite character in the book. I really wish we had more of her. 
The main reason I didn’t like this book was because I had no idea what was going on. The five waves weren’t explained very well and I had to keep referring to the chart at the beginning of the book. I don’t even know with the fifth wave – although I think I should. This book was very skippy (like the peanut butter) in writing style, which really made it unenjoyable. I still have no idea what happened in the book and I didn’t like that. 
Will I be reading the next book in the series? Probably not. If I can’t understand what happened in the first book, there would be no need for the second. 

Tithe by Holly Black: Review

Tithe (The Modern Faerie Tales, #1)

Rating: 1/5 Stars

To be totally honest, I didn’t finish this book. I got through the prologue and the first chapter, but I had to stop there. So many things were wrong with this book and I could just not push myself through it. I hate to leave books, but honestly I don’t know how I could possibly get through Tithe. 
Some reasons why:
  1. The language. I have no problem whatsoever with curse words. But, just like any other word, they have meanings. If they are not used with those meanings in mind, that is when I start having problems with it. Every sentence has one thrown in – of every size – and they don’t make any sense together. They distract so much from the story. 
  2. Kaye is the most irritable human being. She makes me want to pull my hair out. By the first chapter, we should at least be able to identify some reason to like the main character, to feel for them. In this book, I just felt repulsed by her. I can’t imagine having to read a book following her around. 
  3. The writing is atrocious. It reminds me a lot of Cassandra Clare’s, but her’s is a little bit more defined. I totally understand why the two of them would be writing a book together. They write exactly the same (which to be honest kind of bothers me a little bit. It’s questionable). Everything about this book felt forced. 
Those are my three readings for no longer finishing this book. I picked this out of my book jar, so I’m not too concerned with not finishing it, but it is definitely a disappointment. 

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Sara Shepard: Review

Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game, #6)

4/5 Stars

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! *look for an upcoming post about the entire series without spoilers later this week. 
The Lying Game series is finally over (fingers crossed) and ended all wrapped up in a cute little bow. I even shed some tears toward the end. This final book is as crazy and twisted as all the rest, leading the reader down crazy pathways and adventures. The second half of the book is a lot more put together and action packed than the first, but I’ve just come to expect that from Sara Shepard. 

Now, onto the actual book review:
The entire first half I knew it couldn’t be Garrett. It just didn’t make sense. Why was all of this stuff just now being found out about him? It was all happening way too quickly. Towards the end, they began to have me convinced, up until Nisha’s house. I loved the thing with the tampon box. That was brilliant.

So, Ethan Landry was it the whole time. Never expected that one coming. Emma and Ethan were always so good together, I never suspected him. That was the whole point though… Anyway, I do like the way the mystery was solved and wrapped up, all thanks to Nisha and Mr. Banjeree.

Another crucial part of this book was when the detective found out she wasn’t Sutton. I found it quite shocking the way their family reacted though. After just talking about how much they wanted to meet Emma, they turned her away at the door without giving her a chance. And the whole thing with the school? That was strange too. It makes me wonder about the actual law in this situation, if it were real. (Let’s all hope this never happens.)

The end was so beautiful, with all the stars that Grandmother Mercer made. I love the concluding sentence, wrapping up everything very nicely. It was a great conclusion to a series that I hope stays six books. 

If I want one thing for Christmas, it would be that Sara Shepard lets Emma live her life after this. Without falsely committing anymore felonies.