Discussion: My Rating System


Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my rating system!

Every book blogger has their own way of rating books, so today, I want to talk about the way that I personally rate books. I start with the typical five-star rating system. I never do half-stars (mostly because they aren’t compatible on Goodreads). Although I sometimes feel like I should give a book a half-star, I typically will round downwards anyway. Here’s the breakdown of the way that I look at a book when picking it’s rating:

5 Stars – Unlike most reviewers, for me, a five star book doesn’t not have to be perfect or even a new favorite. I have plenty of 5 star books that aren’t favorites and some four star books that are. For me, a 5 star rating is given to books that make me really involved within the whole world without doing anything that pulls me out of the novel. If I always want to read the book, constantly think about it, or lose track of time while reading, these are signs that I will probably rate the book 5 stars. I’m trying to limit the amount of 5 stars that I give this year because I honestly didn’t remember some of my 5 star books from last year. However, I’m hoping to be more picky this year, while still holding on to the idea of FEELING the book.

4 Stars – For this, I’m looking for books that are really close to getting to perfection, but maybe had a couple minor issues or one major one. Some major issues that I will take a star off for include plot inconsistencies, if something doesn’t make sense, insta-love, or writing that distracts from the book. Minor issues have to combine together, so having one or more issues such as annoying characters, an underdeveloped romance, an underdeveloped world, or something that pulls me out of the book. This is more of a feeling that I don’t quite want to give it 5, but it was still an above average read.

3 Stars – This is just an average book. I didn’t really feel anything about it. This is actually the average rating that I give books which seems to be about fair. There’s not a lot to say here, mostly because it’s just an average feeling. I’m pretty ‘meh’ about these.

2 Stars – I didn’t like these books. I struggled to finish them, it had multiple major issues, or it was just bad. I often will not continue on with books in these series. These books are the ones I have big problems with and it’s the lowest rating I will give any book I finish.

1 Star – Finally, these are all the books that I have DNFed (did not finish). I DNF rather easily and it’s nothing too particular why, mostly just a feeling again. I also tend to DNF early on in the book, although I have done it at 80% before. For me, I DNF books if I’m really struggling, want to read other books, or never have a desire to pick it up again. Some books I will consider re-reading, however others I have totally given up on.

So, that’s it! A breakdown of my rating system. It’s not perfect and doesn’t cover every circumstance, but this is generally the way that I think about the books while rating them. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of how I review when looking at my ratings here or on Goodreads.

How do you rate books?



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