Hello my fellow readers! My name is Katherine and welcome to my book blog. I love reading young adult – and occasionally the adult or middle grade – books. I am also pretty much open to any genre as long as the characters and plots are strong!

I DO NOT accept ARC requests, either eARCs or physical ARCs. Please do not send me emails asking for me to accept them or send them to me for review because I will decline.

My blog name comes from my favorite color – all things neon – and my favorite animal – yetis. It’s a pretty unique combination and one that I really like! Not only are they both my favorite things, but they also represent living a happy lifestyle for me.

Make sure to leave me book suggestions!

Happy reading!


My Links:

Twitter: @neonyetireads

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Tumblr: neonyetireads

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Katherine! Your blog is so lovely to read, I especially like how you have a page just with links to all the books you’ve reviewed, and that’s something I’ve been meaning to get round to.
    I’ve just started a book reviewing blog, so I would love if you checked it out and gave some (positive or negative) feedback!! Or just had a look!
    Thanks and good luck with your blog! xxx

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