Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

Beautiful Creatures (2013) Poster

Rating: 3/5 stars

I have never read these books before, I’ve tried many times though. Before I wanted to keep pushing with them, I decided to try out the movie. This film stars Alden Eidenreich as Ethan and Alice Englert as Lena, the main two characters in the story. 
The movie focuses on Lena who is a Caster (aka witch) and is approaching the day when her powers will be claimed for the light or the dark, a process that only female Casters go through (males can chose). Ethan is going through the process of helping her, as well as helping Lena figure out a curse that dates back since the Civil War. It entwines their two destinies as the cast of characters all come to life. The side characters are all well developed, to varying degrees. Macon was okay, but I didn’t feel emotion towards him. Ridley was very drawing, as was Seraphine. 
The filming was very good, all the cinematography and contrasting of lights. The soundtrack was also good, but sometimes it would drown out the scene instead. The cast all delivered their lines very well and worked with the characters, but the script was lacking something. Some parts were a little confusing and left the viewer to create their own background for it. 
Overall, the film was okay. I would not watch it again, but it sold me on the overall idea of the books. I loved the Southern aspects and parts to it, which I really found adorable. The characters were friendly and witty; Ethan stole the show. If you have some extra time, this would be a good movie, or if you are having a night with friends.