Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Settings

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish. This week’s theme is all about historical fiction – favorite settings, books, whatever! I’ve decided to talk about ten time periods and locations where I would love to read a historical fiction set. These books don’t even have to be YA, but that would be fun too. Here they are:

  1. Imperial Russia. What I’m talking about here is some of the stories that we’ve all heard about – Moscow, Peter the Great, Anastasia. There are a few books I know of that are set in Russia, but none that have really nailed it so far.
  2. Pre-Colonial America. Something about Native Americans that is historically accurate and set before any Europeans arrive! I think it would be fascinating to read about a story set in their culture, without the arrival of colonists (where most historical fictions here are set).
  3. Imperial China. Just very old-age China, once again, maybe before Europeans came. They have such a rich culture too that could have so many different perspectives.
  4. Gold Rush-era West. I know Vengeance Road played on this one a little bit, but more!
  5. Vikings. Vikings are great. That’s it.
  6. Roman Empire. I love classics, so hearing about something set in Rome would be really cool.
  7. African Colonization. I’m not entirely sure what I meant here, but I read Things Fall Apart last year which was all about an African tribe being affected by colonists. So, anywhere really? I’m not totally familiar with this region’s history, but I really loved that book and would be up for more like it.
  8. Space. – Obviously, space isn’t really a time period! But, space race?
  9. Medieval France. – Maybe this is just because I’ve been binge-watching Reign lately, but I love that time period and would love to see some more palace drama.
  10. Renaissance Italy. – It’s a time period practically ingrained in us with all the glorious art and stories of rival artists.

Those are some of what I’m thinking! There are so many regions and time periods to explore though. What are some places that you would love to go (fictionally)?



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