Discussion: Read a Thons


Today, we are talking all about read-a-thons! I know Bout of Books just wrapped up for a lot of people, so I figured that it would be the perfect time to talk about them, having finished one and going into the new year.

Personally, I am a GIANT fan of readathons! I think that they are a really fun way to push myself to read more. It’s not like I don’t read enough already, but sometimes, I find myself distracted by Netflix or YouTube. I generally sign up for readathons when I need an extra push to get back into reading, especially if I am in a slump during that time. Having a big group of people all trying to read more than they normally would is really empowering and encourages me too.

Another of my favorite things about readathons is the social aspect. I almost always come out of a readathon with at least a couple brand new bookish friends, or at least some new conversations on Twitter. It’s also great when there are dedicated Twitter chats or hashtags to encourage other people and to find out about new books. When the book community can come together to do anything, I will always want to be a part of that! It, like reading, can refresh my feelings about book blogging and help me realize why I started when it sometimes gets harder.

During readathons, I typically read more during parts of the day that I would normally waste on social media or watching something. Instead, I will read in short breaks, before bed, or when I wake up. It makes me think about my time more critically and what I can get done by being more active and intentional. I really like relaxed readathons that take place over a long time period, typically a week or so. I feel like day-long readathons aren’t enough time for me to accomplish a lot and live my normal life and weekends are generally more busy for me than the workweek. Plus, I can read more and catch up if I get behind on my personal goals for a particular day.

Overall, I love readathons! Here is a list of some upcoming ones in case any of you are thinking about doing any. I also keep track of all of mine over the years here and here, and it’s really interesting for me to look at those update posts even afterwards! I wish any of you doing readathons this year lots of luck!



4 thoughts on “Discussion: Read a Thons

  1. I like Readathons too. Even though most of the time I don’t end up reading that many books, I’ll always read more than I would if I hadn’t participated in the readathon. I just did the last Bout of Books and even though I only read one book, it was one that I’d been meaning to read for a while and I finally read it. It’s that constant reminder that I should be reading instead of what ever else I’m doing in that moment that can probably wait (like Netflix and Youtube).

  2. I love readathons too, and for the same reasons as you. Its good to help us read more, but I also love the social aspect of it too. You can get some good book recommendations and I always meet new bookish people. I’m about to go look at your readathon link now. Thank you. Amanda.

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