Discussion: Mid Series Cover Changes


One of my goals for my blog in this upcoming year is to post more discussions! Today, I decided to jump onto a recent hot spot: mid series cover changes.

For those of you who were unaware, the covers of the popular Winner’s Crime trilogy by Marie Rutkoski got brand new covers. This topic is summarized here, but pretty much – they had GORGEOUS covers and then were all changed with only one book left to be released in the trilogy.

Personally, mid series cover changes don’t really impact me that much. 

I very rarely buy books at all, and I also very rarely buy books in a series before they are finished. Over the years, the only two book series that I have bought as they have released are the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and the Selection by Kiera Cass. Thinking about both of those two, if the covers had changed in the middle, I would probably be decently upset.

However, I would definitely still buy the books in the series! 

Ultimately, the covers don’t really matter that much. I have bought some pretty ugly book covers before just to get to the words underneath which I know I will love much more than any cover. And on the other hand, I have never bought physical copies of some of my favorite covers. I would still want to finish the series, of course. As for looking at them on the shelf, I might be a little upset if they don’t really look the same (or if they are different sizes), but I own a variety of different books with different covers. For example, my copies of the Legend trilogy are in the original hardback, the paperback, and the redesigned hardback. Each book in the trilogy I have printed in a different edition. It doesn’t really bother me that much, but I understand that some people really do care about that design and the look of their bookshelf as well.

But that doesn’t mean I support publishers doing this either.

During all of these Twitter conversations, I saw one Tweet from a school teacher who wouldn’t buy the last book because her students wouldn’t recognize it as being in the same series with the different covers on the shelf. For that – I totally agree! I think that it makes them look more equal on the shelf and that is a big plus. Also, readers identify a lot with the covers. I know before I started book blogging, sharing a similar look was how I recognized a continuing series. I am totally okay if they change the covers when rereleasing the books or in a different edition, but for the first release, they should really all try to match!

What do you think about this topic? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Discussion: Mid Series Cover Changes

  1. Personally, I hate when there is a cover change in the middle of the series. I was late to the Anna and the French Kiss series, but I had both Anna and Lola in hardcover before Isla came out. I also had the original covers, and I was dealing with a mismatched series. Thank goodness they rereleased the hardcovers with the new covers because now I have beautiful matching books.

    I also agree with the teacher because I see that all the time in schools. Kids get very confused when they are looking for library books or just borrowing from a classroom library, and having all the covers match really helps kids, especially those who just read for fun and don’t utilize the internet like us book bloggers do.

    Now I was actually really upset about The Winner’s Crime cover change because of the way they went about it. I didn’t like the way they phrased it, by saying they wanted her to look more bad ass. I thought that was giving girls the wrong idea about what it’s like to really be a bad ass because bad ass chicks can wear dresses too.

  2. I have never been a big fan of mid-series cover changes, because I almost always buy series that I like as each book is released. Luckily for me, the Australian/UK versions of these books aren’t changing *cheers*, but I can understand why a lot of people are disappointed. This trilogy had some of the prettiest covers, and to not have that last matching book is a bit of a bummer. And personally, I don’t think the new covers match the character at all. A big theme in this series is that the main character, Kestrel, is NOT a fighter, and instead uses her mind to ‘fight’. I really feel like the publisher has tried to make the series look like Throne of Glass – especially that first one (it’s almost exactly the same as Crown of Midnight!).

    Anyway, I really don’t like mid-series cover changes, or size changes, because I do like continuity in my series so that my bookshelves look pretty. But there’s nothing we can really do once the decision has been made!

    • That’s good! I did love the covers and I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if they had matched the series a little more. Size changes are my biggest problem! I hate when they aren’t all nicely lined up on the shelf.

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