My Reading in 2015: Analyzed

For the entirety of this reading year, I have been keeping track of some reading statistics. This goes beyond just the typical Goodreads categories, so I have also been updating a separate Excel document saved for all of this information. Now, I have decided to make some lovely graphs with all of it to show you some more details into this 2015 in books:

By Gender:


I read overwhelming mostly books by females. I didn’t really try to read diversely for this category and it just kind of worked out that way. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of contemporary and there are mostly females writing in that genre? I don’t know??

By Publication Year:

graph (1)

Honestly, this is really surprising to me.  I read mostly new release books according to my graphs, but I always thought I mostly read from backlist books. Anyway, maybe that is another impact of book blogging on my reading habits!

Number of Pages:

37,702! No graph for this one, but still an impressive number. That equals out to about 328 pages per book.

By Genre:

graph (2)

Just in case you wanted any confirmation that I was indeed a HUGE contemporary lover.

By Format I Read:

graph (3)

I was also really surprised by this one too! It has been a while since I have been to the library, but earlier in the year, it must have been a huge hit!

By Author’s Nationality:

graph (4)

Mostly American…I think that this is the one that I will be working hardest on to improve in the next year to get a wider range of perspectives from authors around the world!

Books Featuring a Character of Color:

graph (5)

To be honest, I thought I was doing a lot better with this than the graph shows. So I really want to improve this as well!

Books Featuring an LGBT Character:

graph (6)

And this one is pretty bad too…oh, well. More reading goals for 2016! I hope to get this and the previous two graphs to be about 50%.

By Rating:

graph (7)

I am actually really happy with this one! I give a lot of 5 stars, but I really tried to cut back this year and save that for only some of my favorites. Also, all the one stars are DNFs, so that’s why the numbers don’t add up to those in other graphs that do not include DNFs.

Obviously, there are so many other ways that I could have sorted this books as well! These were just a few categories that I wanted to analyze through the year and it was super easy to keep up with. I will be continuing with this as well in 2016. Any ideas for some new categories?



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