My #NaNoWriMo Update #1

Hello everyone! Today, I just wanted to update you a little bit on my progress for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I decided to join this year and talked about it a little bit in this post, but I wanted to give a recap of my experience so far as we are a little over a week through at this point.

First of all, I am really excited that I have been able to keep on the word count for each day! Well, for the most part. I have had a really busy and tiring week the past three or so days, so I haven’t written anything. I am hoping to catch up today and this weekend, especially now that I am starting to get into the meat of the story without as much world building. I ordered some really cute stickers from this Etsy shop that I put in my planner to remind me the number of words I should have at the end of the day. I am trying to stick with that, so that I can write a little every day. Sometimes, I write more the day before and then have less to do the next day, but I am pretty much always on track with that number for the most part..

Anyway – plot wise this book has really been different that what I was going into. In general, I am a pantser (I have a very loose outline without much detail) and this attempt has been no different. In fact, I did not plan to have two alternating perspectives, but it happened! Everything just kind of fell into the tone of the book and it is all working out well now. So I have two main characters, which I think will make more sense in the end. I do see some plot concerns coming up already. I have a problem with info-dumping and world building, partly because this book is in space. And I see some parts that need to be fleshed out and edited, but I haven’t gone back to anything yet! That shall be a task for another day.

Time management has been the hardest part of NaNo so far. My original plan at the beginning of the month was to wake up early and write, but that just has not been happening. I think it has happened once so far. Now, I find myself writing right before bed and doing a whole bunch of Twitter sprints. Those have helped me to focus for a certain period of time and sometimes will include a fun challenge to incorporate into my story. However, looking forward into my calendar, I can see times that this will get very stressful and intimidating as we get into Thanksgiving and preparing for finals. Wish me luck!

How has your NaNo progress been? Any advice?



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