Kisses and Curses Review

Fierce Reads: Kisses and Curses

Kisses and Curses: Fifteen Authors, Fourteen Stories, One Fierce Collection edited by Lauren Burniac

Published Square Fish 2015

Genre: Young Adult Short Stories

Format: Paperback

b38bc-coollogo_com-221351400A fabulous collection of short stories from your favorite Fierce Reads authors, perfect for fans and new readers!

Beloved of readers and booksellers, our Fierce Reads program has garnered tons of enthusiastic fans since its inauguration in 2012. Now, the authors you know and love are coming together in one book! With standalone short stories from a handpicked set of FR authors, this fabulous collection will include a mix of original content and popular favorites, and will often feature characters or worlds from existing Fierce Reads books. Extended, personal introductions from each author will make this a must-buy for fans as well as a fantastic portal for engaging new readers with the program. With a wide range of genres and subject matter, there will be something here for everyone!

029c6-coollogo_com-9181998I am super split on this entire collection. So first of all, I’ll just review each of these short stories individually:

Individual Reviews:

‘Glitches’ by Marissa Meyer – 5 stars – I really like the Lunar Chronicles series and I liked this prequel. It made me love the series and Cinder even more than normal. It was the perfect length and the writing was great.
‘Bridge of Snow’ by Marie Rutkoski – 5 stars – I was shocked to like this. I didn’t like The Winner’s Curse at all, and this is a prequel to that told from Arin’s mother POV. It’s also part folk tale. This was so cute, and it kind of makes me want to retry this series.
‘Dynamite Junior’ by Jennifer Mathieu – 4 stars – The Truth About Alice is one of my favorite books of last year. This is another POV from the book and it made me feel all the feels from the real book. It was a great intro if you haven’t read it, but it adds another layer if you have.
‘Monster Crush’ by Anna Banks and Emmy Laybourne – 1 star – This is a SASQUATCH ROMANCE. I’d say that I’m an open-minded reader but maybe not. This was also written in tweet format, so nothing about this worked. It was super insta-love and the relationship was ridiculous.
‘Fixer’ by Courtney Alameda – DNF – Maybe it’s because I haven’t read Shutter but I didn’t get it.
‘Unstolen’ by Jessica Brody – 5 stars – This was short, but sweet. I loved the writing and I will definitely be checking out her books.
‘Sweet Heart’ by Ann Aguirre – 2 stars – I feel like this was unncessary. I’ve read the first book of the Enclave trilogy and won’t be continuing, but it just felt like a love poem to Deuce. Like it was about holding her hand for six pages.
‘Death and Waffles’ by Lish McBride – 3 stars – I liked the concept of this, but I wanted more out of it. Like, there was some full book potential here. But Lish McBride sounds really cool.
‘Krisis’ by Lindsay Smith – 4 stars – I just read Skandal, so I was familiar with the characters and this world. I loved the tie in to the Cuban Missile Crisis and getting another psychic’s perspective.
‘Deleted Scenes’ by Katie Finn – 3 stars – I haven’t read this revenge series, so I had no idea what was happening. They were cute, but out of context. And I was disappointed that this wasn’t original.
‘Tortured’ by Carah M. O’Brian – Didn’t read – This whole story was a spoiler for her series!
‘Blue Moon’ by Nikki Kelly – 4 stars – I liked this. It was a cute story without being overdone and I’ll be looking at some more of her work. Plus, I liked the mysterious style of writing.
‘The Cypress Project’ by Gennifer Albin – DNF – Yeah, another case of I didn’t read the series so what is happening.
‘The Too Clever Fox’ by Leigh Bardugo – 3 stars – This was okay. I didn’t understand some of it, which is often a problem for me with folk tales. I just don’t think I’m the type of reader for them.

The main reason I was disappointed overall with this was the lack of original content. Most of it was already published in some way or a deleted scene. Also, it was all from their series (only two original ones). I hadn’t read most of them. There were two or three new authors I will check out because of this, and some series I love more because of their features, but some that I’ll probably never read now. I wish that they had written something new in a different world so I could have more fun with it. I always felt like I was missing something.

Overall, I would suggest reading this if you’ve read the majority of these series or authors. Maybe just keep a copy around for when you do? Anyway, it was a quick read, but I was wanting more.

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