Rebel by Amy Tintera Review

Rebel (Reboot, #2)

Rebel by Amy Tintera (Reboot #2)

Published HarperTeen 2014

Genre: Young Adult Dystopia

Format: Hardback

This review will contain spoilers for the first book in this series, Reboot! 

b38bc-coollogo_com-221351400Wren Connolly thought she’d left her human side behind when she dies five years ago and came back 178 minutes later as a Reboot. With her new abilities of strength, speed, and healing—along with a lack of emotions—Wren 178 became the perfect soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation). Then Callum 22 came along and changed everything.

Now that they’ve both escaped, they’re ready to start a new life in peace on the Reboot reservation. But Micah 163, the Reboot running the reservation, has darker plans in mind: to wipe out the humans. All of them. Micah has been building a Reboot army for years and is now ready to launch his attack on the cities. Callum wants to stick around and protect the humans. Wren wants nothing more than to leave all the fighting behind them.

With Micah on one side, HARC on the other, and Wren and Callum at odds in the middle, there’s only one option left…

It’s time for Reboots to become rebels.

029c6-coollogo_com-9181998This book did a lot of things that I thought it would do, and that’s okay for a dystopian. But nothing really blew me away.

I read Reboot a while ago (back in 2013), so it’s been two years since I’ve read about these characters and been involved in the world. I didn’t go back for any rereading or reviewing, but just trudged along with this book. It might have been better if I read them back to back or at least, in a closer time period. For the first few pages, I was still getting in the world. This book doesn’t do any catching up, but jumps right into the action.

Because this is a duology (something different in the YA dystopian genre), there was no second-book syndrome. This was action packed with tons of cool fight scenes and drama between the three warring factions. Another thing that I like about this duology is that it is not out to save the world – Wren and Callum aren’t bringing down a system or an entire country. This book is focused on a small part of Texas and that’s it. It’s nice to see everything scaled down a little.

However, I found this to all wrap up a little too nicely. I’ve read plenty of YA dystopians by now and everything that I expected to happen did. It almost caught me off guard at one point, but that turned out to be fake (like I suspected). But everything that typically happens in the last book of a YA dystopian trilogy happened here, just a book earlier and without all the unnecessary fluff. Maybe if I read this earlier, I would have enjoyed it more.

I really liked the first book of the duology, but I wasn’t too on board with this book. It seemed very similar in theme and tone to other books I had already read. The romance was kind of dull, and nothing like I remember the first book to be. However, I do really like the first book of this series though, so I would suggest this overall.

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