TV Shows I Watch (1)

Today, I wanted to switch things up a little from all the bookish posts and talk about one of my other loves – television. I watch a lot of TV and it’s one of my favorite things to do! Anyway, I watch a combo of live TV and Netflix. This first post will just be the TV shows that I am fully caught up on.

Agents of SHIELD logo

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – This is my favorite show on TV right now. I’m a huge Marvel fan, so I love seeing all the tie ins. My favorite characters are Fitz and Bobbi, but there are so many twists that I always have a new favorite!

Modern Family Title.svg

Modern Family – I love this show! I was sick earlier this year, so I just watched all these seasons right in a row. It’s really funny, but also realistic.

Dancing with the Stars Title Logo.svg

Dancing with the Stars – I’ve been watching this show for a while, and even though it’s not up to the point it once was, I still enjoy the competition. My favorite couple of all time has to be Meryl Davis & Maks a few seasons ago. Ever since them, no one has been able to catch my attention like they have!

Shark Tank Logo.jpg

Shark Tank – This is another fun show. I like seeing all the different types of businesses and it is a very uplifting show and great family fun.

So You Think You Can Dance.svg

So You Think You Can Dance – I love dance shows and I love to dance! This is like every dancer’s dream. I’ve been watching the last few seasons. I don’t really like the Stage vs. Street format, but the dancers have been really good. I just miss the chemistry between the couples over time. My favorites this season are Megz, Neptune, and Derek.

MasterChef Logo & Wordmark.svg

Masterchef – I really like cooking shows too! I’ve watched this show since the beginning. My favorite this season is Derrick.

New Girl Intertitle.png

New Girl – This show is great for some fun comedy. The cast has a really great chemistry (and it’s all on Netflix!). I love seeing their relationships develop over time.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt intertitle.png

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – This is a Netflix original, so I binge watched all the episodes when it first came out. It’s not my favorite or the funniest comedy, but it provides good entertainment and I think it has real potential when the cast starts to jive together a little bit more.

What are some of your favorite shows? I don’t have a lot currently on TV right now, so I’m hoping the fall season will have a lot to offer me.



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