Review Mashup (2) feat. The Moon and More, Confessions of a Hater, Wanderlove

Sometimes after I read books, I don’t have enough to say for a full review post. In order to review every book I read, I’ve decided to start compiling these books into review mashups every so often. For this post, I have a summer-y contemporary, a revenge based contemporary, and a travel filled summer contemporary!

The Moon and More The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen – Published Viking 2013 – Genre: Young Adult Contemporary – Format: Paperback

Sadly, this is probably my least favorite Sarah Dessen I have read to date. I really liked getting back into the world of Colby with all of its lovely residents (including plenty of former favorites from previous books). Emaline was also a really fun narrator and I loved the discussion of family in this book, including what she considers the difference between fathers vs. dads. There is also a really sweet relationship with her half-brother. The part that I wasn’t totally sold on was the documentary aspect and Theo’s purpose. Personally, I much preferred Luke and wasn’t sure why they broke up. I wish that the romance had been a little bit clearer.

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Confessions of a HaterConfessions of Hater by Caprice Crane – Published: Feiwel and Friends 2013 – Genre: Young Adult Contemporary – Format: Hardback

I am not sure if I’m growing out of high school based YA drama or if it’s the revenge tropes or what but I was not a huge fan of what this book was about. There is so much drama and hate, from both the popular girls and the unpopular girls. The main character in this book was unlikeable in her quest to stop the populars, so much so that she turned into everything that she hated and actually was a victim of. I would have liked this a little more if there had been a lesson in the end, but she actually got everything handed to her as a result of her bullying – her boyfriend, her art internship, her friends. Everything. I wish there had been a little more resolution at the end. The writing style also tried too hard to be teenager-like and just felt fake.

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Wanderlove Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard – Published: Delacorte 2012 – Genre: Young Adult Contemporary – Format: Paperback

I found this book really hard to connect with on all levels. I was never a huge fan of the main character or the love interest. While I am a fan of this type of travel and enjoyed reading a book set somewhere else than the United States, I felt like the setting overtook the story instead of letting the story bloom as result of the different setting. It felt like the plot was lagging behind them as we read about island after city after dangerous experience. It started to pick up towards the end, especially as Bria, the main character, started growing in her own shoes, but it never was able to hook me.

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3 thoughts on “Review Mashup (2) feat. The Moon and More, Confessions of a Hater, Wanderlove

  1. I love the idea of the review mashups! You’re right: sometimes it’s hard to find enough to say about a book for a full review.
    I’m sad you didn’t like Confessions of a Hater, but from your review, I don’t think I’d like it either.

    • Yep, and they are so much easier than trying to figure out what to write in a full review. I’ve heard people who like it, but it’s a pretty polarizing read – some love it or hate it.

  2. If your least favorite Sarah Dessen book gets 4 stars, that’s pretty impressive! I still need to read one of her books. 🙂

    With Confessions of a Hater, URGH to the idea that she doesn’t learn anything. No thank you.

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