Discussion: Characters’ Names


I really hope that y’all can relate to me on this because I have a problem with some books…

The characters’ names.

That’s right. Sometimes, I cannot read entire books – not because of some plot or writing or concept issue. Because of the chosen name for the character.

It can be all types of things. For example, I really don’t like reading books with my name (Katherine) or any variations on it. For a long time, I refused to read The Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout because the main character’s name is Katy. Obviously – because I now love this series so far – it does not bother me too much because it’s told in first person. The name rarely comes up, but when it’s in third person, I can’t do it.

This also is a problem with my friends’ or family member’s names. If the love interest shares the same name as my brothers or one of my best guy friends? Yeah, no way, not happening. I’m a little bit better with my girl friends’ names or sisters, but if it’s a really emotional, darker contemporary, I will draw the line there too.

Maybe I just have a problem imaging another face with that name, especially if my mind is free to totally create the character’s face and personality.

Another naming problem that I have? If the character’s name is just totally ridiculous. I like unique names (mostly because that means I tend to avoid the above problem), but when they aren’t really real names, that gets a little ridiculous. I will give dystopian and fantasy worlds a pass because naming is a HUGE  part of the culture and society, but a contemporary with crazy names? That just really bothers me.

So, do you have some problems with character names like I do?



9 thoughts on “Discussion: Characters’ Names

  1. Yes! I definitely do. There are certain names (IE, Stephanie, Christine, Shanna, etc) that I cannot stand, mostly because I’ve had negative experience in real life with people of those names. Also, my own name. I cannot read anything where an MC is Lauren—can’t help but picture myself.

  2. I don’t normally have a problem, but the guy thing would definitely be a turn-off for me. I also avoid books with my name in it… but not many characters are called Annette so it’s mostly all good!

  3. I actually get really excited when I see my name in a book, and it’s only happened ONCE. I’m like: my name is awesome, why aren’t people using it? Which sounds snobby but I don’t mean it that way XD

    As for friends, at the beginning there’s a little bit of hesitation when I’m reading, but I soon let the character take over the name, and I leave my associations with it behind me. And if it’s someone I don’t like – all the better because I can overwrite them with a character that I really like 😀

    In contemporaries I am not a huge fan of weird names because those books are supposed to be true to life, and how often do you come across people with odd names like Apple or something? Hardly ever (IF ever), so I always give them a bit of a side-eye.

    • Yeah, contemporaries with weird character names is strange. Maybe since I mostly read contemporaries, I have this problem more often? Fantasy names always sound really pretty. I like your name, and I totally understand why you would get excited to see it 🙂

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