One Year.

This March marks my one year blogiversary. One year ago, I left my Blogspot account to move over to WordPress, determined to become a better book blogger. And while technically I had been blogging on and off for about three months before I made the switch, March 2014 marked my switch from being an occasional book blogger to being one fully immersed in a fabulous community of book lovers. So it’s been a year.

In my one year of book blogging, I have recently reached 100 WordPress followers! Combined with Bloglovin followers, that gives me 124 total followers. I never dreamed of reaching that goal and I am super thankful of everyone who is following me. It means so much and everytime I get an email notification, I whisper a thank you to the screen. It means so much! I’ve also been able to host quite a few blog tours, make some author friends, some blogger friends, host a challenge for the Bout of Books readathon, review plenty of books, and started receiving ARCs! I’ve gotten plenty involved with the community and I love finding new blogs to read, as well as interacting on Twitter. And because of all this, my Goodreads TBR shelf is stuffed full of more books than I could have possibly imagined. Seriously – I had no idea half of this stuff existed before blogging. Things like new releases, and finding series, and having so many unfinished series was never a concept.

I’ve had so many great blogging milestones along the way. Thanks everyone for all your support! Here’s to another great year of reading and bookish friends!



12 thoughts on “One Year.

  1. Congratulations on your first year. It will be my one year blogerversary next month and your post has just reminded me of all the things I too have accomplished this year. Well done to you and a big thanks. Heres to another fab year of blogging.

  2. Congratulations Katherine! You’ve had a very exciting journey with your book blog, a journey that I too actively started pursuing this year and which I am enjoying tremendously so far. Thank you for sharing your post and reminding me to be grateful for each comment, view and follower that I get for my blog. Blessed are the people who take the time to read our rants and raves. 🙂

    Congratulations once again and best wishes for this blog to continue growing. 😀

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