I’m a Social Reader

Essentially, the essence of the extrovert problem, if there ever was one.

How did I come to this conclusion?

I just finished up an amazing readathon, probably one of my favorite successful EVER. 3 books, 7 days, and I still had school and other activities throughout most of it! I had so much motivation to keep reading and pick up new books. It was super fun to have discussions on Twitter and see all kinds of encouragement from fellow participants.

After readathons, I typically have a ‘readathon hangover.’ Essentially, even though the read-a-thon is over, I’m still making reading my first priority and pushing through a book every day or every two days. It’s a pretty great time period. Sadly, this time lasted a while for me, but now I’m back to this awkward stage when I cannot find anything to read. Nothing is really clicking with me. It’s not a reading slump though. I am excited about plenty of books still! And I love book blogging and reading probably more than ever! So, what is it?

I think I need some kind of social aspect to my reading.

For this reason, I’ve always been attracted to readathons, book clubs, and buddy reading. I love marathoning series and reading books with the hype. Commenting and Twittering and all that jazz really help me read more and enjoy reading.

What type of reader are you? Do you consider yourself a social reader?



4 thoughts on “I’m a Social Reader

  1. I like the readathons and the Twitter chat with books / reading, but I get distracted and spend more time on social media than actually reading. I find I read more when I have lots of review requests.
    I do love the social aspect of it though. Hope you find some good reading, I’m sure you will, there’s so many great books!

  2. I’m somewhat opposite. 🙂 I generally like discussing books with people while I’m reading them, but not on the scale of a read-a-thon. Something larger than one-on-one is totally scary. It is so much more fun to share excitement and thoughts with others, though. We can be excited together! 🙂 I hope something catches your attention soon–not having something you’re excited about is the worst.

  3. I actually just discovered how awesome Twitter can be when I participated in my first chat and recently started comment/replying to some tweets! I’ve never participated in a readathon or Twitter chats on books/reading, though. I have a feeling I would get distracted! I find it really interesting that it helps you, but I kind of understand why. Hope you find a book that catches your attention!

  4. I have never participated in a read-a-thon or Twitter chats for books/reading, but I hope to in the near future! I would love to find some friends who enjoy books as much as I do, but I have not been lucky thus far. I do hope you start reading again soon, I’m sorry that I cannot share the read-a-thon hangover feelings with you! Best of luck!

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