#LoveAThon: Book Valentines


Now for the #LoveaThon, I’ll be sharing a playlist about my book valentine…Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door! Plus, one of my all time favorite authors will be receiving some love in this post. Let’s just get started!

To Cricket,

A playlist.

Now for some author love,

To Lauren Oliver:

Thank you so much for all of your beautiful words and books. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything you have written and your stories are the type that stick with me forever, even past the amazing plot and characters. It all started with Delirium, followed quickly by Pandemonium. Your writing style and versatility astounded me even then, just two books into your many. I had never read a book set in two perspectives, but it was really beautiful and sold me on you as a writer. Then, I continued into Requiem. And while, like many, I was confused by the ending, I have come to recognize the beauty in this decision. I love trying to figure out the ending to these character’s lives. Authors who stick for the authentic story, not the one that will most please the readers really are amazing and I greatly appreciate that. I feel like Lena’s story was her story, and a beautiful one.

One of my favorite books is Panic, purely because of the gorgeous writing and the strong themes. It carried such a beautiful tone throughout the entire book and themes of overcoming fear. The characters and the world were enticing and I could not stop reading. Now, as we approach the release of Vanishing Girls, I find myself more and more excited.

I really enjoy all of your videos on your YouTube and your very kind personality. It amazes me how a person could write such beautiful words on a Blackberry, but somehow you pull it off!

Thanks for all your amazing words and inspirational stories. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

One of your biggest fans,






7 thoughts on “#LoveAThon: Book Valentines

  1. Aww another Cricket lover! So many people did their Valentines for him! I need to meet him! I loved Anna, so I’m sure I’ll like Lola! You also have some great songs on your playlist! And a few I haven’t heard, so I will be checking those out. I love all things music.

    I also like your letter to Lauren Oliver. 🙂

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