Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish. This week, I will be showing you my top ten book related problems.

  1. What to read next? There are so many books and so little time. I could read a new release, or an ARC, or a backlist, or continue a series and then there are so many genres…
  2. Where do I put all these books I bought? My bookshelves aren’t that big and all my books will not fit. Yet, I keep buying them.
  3. How much money can I spend? Because if I had no limit, who knows where my bank account would be.
  4. Where did that bookmark go? I consistently lose all my bookmarks. Right now, I’m down to a note card until the ones I just ordered from Etsy come in.
  5. Why isn’t my Kindle charged? I always forget to charge my Kindle and then, the next day, I can’t keep reading that book until I charge it again.
  6. When do I have to read that ARC by? I’m super bad at getting ARCs read on time. So far, I have been good this year, so hopefully I can keep that up.
  7. Why did they have to do that? When authors post something on Twitter they should’ve and then it causes all kinds of blogger drama and it’s a mess.
  8. Which readathon should I do? There are so many readathons always happening and I want to do ALL OF THEM. I can’t (obviously), but choosing the ones I want are always hard.
  9. Is reading this huge book worth it? I really struggle with reading huge books because I will read less books for the month by taking up my time to read a larger book.
  10. Should I continue this series? If I don’t like the first book, I typically will not continue with the series. But what if everyone says it gets better?

Those are my top ten bookish problems! What are some of yours?



10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

  1. I also have a problem deciding what to read next. There’s just too many books to choose from! Last year, I found myself only reading huge books so I didn’t end up reading many books, though it was fun because you got to stick with the characters longer. I recently bought a Kindle so I guess I’ll have to make sure it’s charged all the time! Great list. 🙂
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Never enough time to read all the books!! I am starting to have a hard time picking my next book too… I didn’t use to have that problem before becoming a blogger haha! Whoops… I only recently heard that blogs should review ARCs within a month of the pub date – seems like a good rule of thumb to know, I’m coming up on a month on a couple of mine, granted I didn’t get approved for them until a couple of weeks ago (so after the pub date). I always forget to charge my kindle too! I think it’s because the charge lasts sooooo long to begin with lol – that’s just a theory though 😉

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