Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


I was nominated by Drifting Pages. Thank you!

She gave me ten questions to answer:

1) If a book was written about your life, what would the title be?

I have no idea! I don’t think I’ve lived long enough to have an overall theme yet…

2) What was the first book you can remember reading (or being read to you)?

My parents read Cinderella to me, and then that became the first book I ever read by myself. So that.

3) What’s your favourite genre of books?

YA contemporary! The cute stuff, the sad stuff. All of it.

4) If you could choose one book to be turned into a movie adaptation, what would it be?

1984 by George Orwell. I would be kind of hard, but I really want to see that world.

5) What’s your favourite reading format: Hardback, Paperback or E-book?

I really like reading hardback that I bought, but I read more from the library than anything. Ebooks are good too, but I always forget I actually have that as a reading format.

6) Do you come from a family of readers, or are you the only one?

It’s just me. 😦 No idea how that happened, but I’m okay with it! My parents like the fact that I read.

7) Have you asked for any books for Christmas? If so, which ones?

Well, Christmas has past…but yes! I asked for Ashes to Ashes and the new Harry Potter covers.

8) Have you ever been to a book festival or author event?

No. I really want to, but I live in an area most authors don’t ever visit. SOMEONE COME TO THE SOUTH. IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND WE HAVE SWEET TEA.

9) Do you have a favourite bookshop you visit often? Maybe an indie in your hometown/city?

I only have a Barnes and Noble, although I would love an indie! I’m in the library a lot too…

10) Do you own any signed copies of books? If so, which ones?

Yes! I have a copy of The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement Moore, Atlantia by Ally Condie, and Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill signed. There might be more that I don’t remember…

Now, I am supposed to nominate ten blogs: Ramblings of an Elfpire, My Reading Dress, For the Love of the Page, Delicate Eternity, Bibliophila, Bibliophilic Geek, Bookraptured, A Flurry of Ponderings, Caught Read Handed, and The Fictional Reader.

The questions I want them to answer are:

  1. Did you get any books for Christmas/over the holidays?
  2. What is a food you have always wanted to try from a book?
  3. If you could go on a vacation to any bookish setting, where would you go?
  4. What is your favorite reading snack or drink?
  5. Play kiss, marry, kill with three characters from your favorite book(s) of 2014.
  6. Show us your favorite book cover.
  7. What is one place or person you know you can turn to for a great book recommendation?
  8. What is one book you read because someone told you to?
  9. Do you like reading books with some idea the summary or going in blind?
  10. What is your all time favorite OTP?



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