Life of a Blogger: Clothing


Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat! This is just a way for my readers to get to know the person behind the book blog a little bit better. This week’s theme is…


I have a very interesting style because it changes so much…

First, I really love dresses! I think they are such an easy way to look cute without having to wear pants or put a matching outfit together. They are my go-to outfit when I am way too tired to think that morning. My favorite stores to buy my dresses from are Mod Cloth and Target.

Since it is almost fall time, my staples for this season are sweaters, baseball tees, and printed jeans! Around here, it gets cold really quickly into the year. I’m already beginning layering for the year! Sweaters, both cardigans and pullovers, are almost all I will be wearing from here until mid-March. Personally, I like how they can add a little bit of color and pattern to an outfit, although they can really be a pain sometimes when they shed everywhere! For my sweaters, I will buy them from Target, Old Navy, or Aeropostale. Baseball tees are becoming a new favorite. I think they are a little bit more casual than sweaters, so I like them more for just hanging out with friends. Most of mine have funny sayings or pictures on them too, always great for adding some personality! I will buy these from random little stores, like Etsy or Human. Printed jeans are also great. I don’t really like super skinny jeans, but I like them to be straight. For those, I typically go to Old Navy or American Eagle.

For more business-y outfits, I really like a good suit! Because – doing anything feels better when doing it in a suit. I like mine to be a little bit fitted, and I really like the pantsuit more than the skirt suit combo. I wear both of them pretty often though. For suits, I will either shop at The Limited or Kohl’s.

And of course – sweatpants and sweatshirts! For basic t-shirts, I just like picking some of those up from college campuses. My favorite sweatpants are from Pink and my favorite sweatshirts are from Aeropostale, although Target has a couple of cute ones right now too!

This all reminds me that I really need to go pick up some new clothes for the fall! Where do you like to shop? What do you typically wear?


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