Let’s Chat: All About ARCs

let's chatOn this week’s feature of Let’s Chat, we are going to be discussing —– ARCS!!! Also known as our good friends – Advance Reading Copies.

One of the major parts of being a book blogger is the ability to receive ARC copies of books from publishers. It’s seen as a bit of a quality sign – you can always tell how popular a blog is by the number of ARCs on their blog. When I first started blogging, I joined Netgalley and Edelweiss, ready to hop on board with this trend. I requested a ton of books from both websites. I got denied plenty of times – but I also got accepted by way too many! I was just stuck with dozens of books that I really had no interest in reading. I tried to push through as many as a I could – but, confession time – I still haven’t finished some of them from the first time I requested books.

I have only been blogging for five months, but I have been able to receive some amazing ARCs! I was really excited to get Rumble by Ellen Hopkins. It was my first Ellen Hopkins book, so I picked it up and read it right away!

There have been other times when I have gotten ARCs that I am not too excited about. Most of the time, I just let them sit on my Kindle or on my shelf, without ever really picking them up. This is really my main problem with getting ARCs. I always feel so lucky to get them, but sometimes, I’m really just not that interested.

So…a solution!

I have decided to make two major changes to the way I request, read, and review ARC books!

  1. I am only going to request books that I really think will intrigue me – books I would read if I just found them on the shelf of Barnes and Noble. That way, I can be more excited about the copies I am receiving. Of course, if an author or publisher sends me the book directly without a request, I will still take that into account (but I’ll probably say yes…)
  2. I am going to read the ARC right after I receive it. Another one of my huge problems with ARCs is letting them sit until the release date and then forgetting that I received them, or just not being in the mood, which negatively affects my reading experience and the overall rating of the book. Way too often, I pick up backlist books (titles that have already been published) over ARCs, but I really need to make ARCs more of a priority in my reading schedule.

What are some of your problems with ARCs? Do you struggle with requesting too many or not reviewing them in time? What ARC have you been most excited to receive?




8 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: All About ARCs

  1. I’m in the middle of two ARCs right now – Damsel Distressed and My True Love Gave to Me. I received the former from an ARC Tour and the latter was a special access pass because I was a fan of the publisher.

    To alleviate some of the more recent pressure I’ve been feeling about ARCs, I’ve stopped requesting so many on NetGalley. I didn’t even remember that I had an ARC of Zac and Mia until hours before the release, so obviously, and regretfully, I didn’t get to that one. 😦

    I’m hoping that I start getting more requests for books that I’ll like. I love getting ARCs, and I know that reading and reviewing them is better for getting the ones that I want. It’s just so hard to try to feel like a success in the book blogging world.

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  3. When I first started blogging, I went crazy on NetGalley too – it’s hard not to, especially when you don’t realize how it all works. Like you, I got approved for too many books and there are still a few that I haven’t read from that first requesting session. Now I’m MUCH more careful about what I request – though for some reason I still have a few that sounded great to me at first, but now have sat too long. I should probably read them right away like you’ve decided to do.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. I feel you, girl! Seriously, I can barely keep up with all the ARCs I get requested to read and review – I’m an author myself, so I always feel really bad if I say no and then I end up with way too many books, some of them I’m not even interested in. 😛

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