Reading and School

I’ve been in school for two weeks now and my reading has been slumping…so much. Of course, I expected it to a least a little bit. During summers, I can read around a book a day with all my free time. School takes up eight hours a day, plus all the homework and the exhaustion at the end of it all. This makes reading very hard to do at the end of a crazily busy day.

I started the school year by reading Chasing Before by Lenore Appelhans, a book I had looked forward to for a while and one of my most anticipated new reads of this year. However, I just wasn’t getting into it, something I attributed to school. However, after buying a huge box full of books from Book Outlet, one of my friends convinced me to pick up Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill. This book I am having the opposite experience. Even though I am still tired, I want to read this book. It’s more light hearted and fun, something I need after a day at school.

This being said, I think I am going to become more of a mood reader – and even more than that, a more contemporary reader. It just has the ability to capture me and my thoughts more than an action book typically would. That doesn’t mean I am not going to read any more action books, because I still love them. It just means that reading something cute and fluffy is what I am in the mood for right now – meaning that’s what I’ll be reading.

I am hoping to finish a book per week during the school year. That means less reviews on here, but I am hoping for more discussion posts to fill that problem. Either way, I do really want to keep this blog active.

So, how do you manage reading and school? Do you find it easier to have a schedule or read based on your mood?



3 thoughts on “Reading and School

  1. I can totally relate to your situation! I’m currently experiencing kind of the same thing and it drives me crazy to have the feeling to be too lazy to read books, but I’d hate the idea of having a reading schedule….it just doesn’t feel right. It is as if I was forced to read a book, so nah. I tried to do this before but it only resulted in an even bigger reading slump!
    Oh, I wasn’t that much into contemporary books until recently either, so yes, I know what you mean with the need for something sweet and fluffy 😀 I think the last three books I read were all YA contemporaries. I just don’t feel like reading fiction atm, now that school has started.
    I currently feel like the worst book blogger, too haha, since I sometimes feel as if I’ve lost the ability to write reviews . I think I’ve turned into an impulsive and spontaneous blogger due to school. But I’m looking forward to your discussion posts!
    Anyway, GREAT DISCUSSION POST again! ♥

    • I know – I always feel bad for not reading when I have a few extra minutes. Contemporary just tends to be happier which is exactly what I read after a long day 🙂 And when I do finish a book, it’s hard to find more time to write the review! Thanks 🙂

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