Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish! This week we are talking about our favorite tv shows or movies. Since I don’t watch that many movies (although I’m trying to watch more…), I am going to be just doing my ten favorite television shows that are currently on the air.

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  1. Scandal (ABC) – This may be my favorite show! I love all the crazy drama. Olivia Pope is also one of my favorite TV show characters.
  2. Revenge (ABC) – While the last season wasn’t as awesome as the first, I still really enjoy the concept of this show and Emily.
  3. Parks and Recreation (NBC) – This is my favorite comedy. Leslie is so funny, but I think Ron and Tom are my favorites.
  4. New Girl (FOX) – Another super great show! I just started season 2 on Netflix, but I am really enjoying it so far.
  5. Dancing With the Stars (ABC) – My favorite reality show. I love watching all the progress the stars make and the pros are also so much fun.
  6. Switched at Birth (ABC Family) – I haven’t seen any of this last season, but I liked the past two.
  7. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) – Another show that I haven’t watched this current season, but the drama is so fun.
  8. Once Upon a Time (ABC) – My second favorite show! I love OUAT. All the crazy plot twists…
  9. Modern Family (ABC) – Another great comedy! I love all the different types of families and their relationships.
  10. Doctor Who (BBC) – I just started watching Doctor Who (I’m on the 2005 doctor and I’m starting to get the hang of it…)

Those are my favorite tv shows! What are some of yours? Seriously, give me all the recommendations!


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

    • Yeah, I feel that way too. I haven’t watched the current season at all yet and I’m kind of waiting until it ends so I can watch them all straight through. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine for sure!

  1. So, I generally dislike reality TV but I’ll admit Dancing with the Stars had me hooked this season. I loved watching Charlie and Meryl dance!
    Great list!!

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