Would the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? By Ella Martin: Interview

Last Friday, I posted my review for Would the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? by Ella Martin. Now, I’m so excited to have an interview with one of the characters in the book, Ally. Ally is best friends with our main character, Bianca. She’s really fun and free spirited, and has an awesome gossip blog for the school. Before we get started, I would like to thank Ella Martin and her publisher for giving me the opportunity to participate in this blog tour! I really suggest this book! 🙂


Hi, Katherine! This is kind of a treat for me. I’m usually the one asking all the questions. My friends kind of hide from me when I’m looking for bloggable material, so this is pretty cool.
1. What is your favorite part of having your school gossip blog? And why did you start?

Okay, so the blog started the summer after fifth grade, when we were all getting ready to go into Middle School. It was my brother Freddie’s girlfriend’s idea, really, because she said I knew just about everything about everyone, like I was Playa del Lago’s own Perez Hilton. So I asked my parents for a domain name and a website, and the rest is history!

The best part is the name recognition. Like, everyone knows me. My friend Talia says that’s not necessarily a good thing because some people might not like what I write about them, but I take the canons of journalism very seriously. I don’t post stuff that could hurt other people, I don’t make stuff up, I don’t say nasty things about anyone, and I document what I can with pictures. I’ve gotten very good at using the phone on my camera. 😉
As for why I do it…I don’t know. It’s fun. I guess I’ll have to stop eventually; I mean, it’s not like I’ll be at Westgate forever, you know? I’ll probably bequeath it to a freshman or something in a year or so. But for right now, I like doing it.
2. How did you and Bianca meet and become such good friends?
I’ve known Bianca since we were in kindergarten, but we didn’t really become friends until the end of second grade when my then-best friend Jessica moved to Pennsylvania and kind of dropped off the planet. I totally remember when it happened, too. We were lined up to go out for recess, and I was standing in the back of the line kind of to myself when Bianca came up to me and asked if I wanted to play hopscotch with her and Talia. So we all started hanging out. =)
3. What is your favorite class in school?
Does lunch count as a class? Because it should. If it doesn’t, I guess I’d have to say European history. Well, history in general, I guess.
4. What do you look for in your ‘prince charming’?

*looks around* I’m not supposed to talk about this, but my Prince Charming is pretty amazing. I mean, I like Bianca’s boyfriend and all, and yes, he’s totally swoon-worthy, but… *smiles* My boyfriend is super smart, loves cars almost as much as I do, and, yes, is tres cute. I know, I know. Talia says I think everyone’s cute. But he really is so adorable. And amazingly sweet. *clears throat* So, yeah. You’ll meet him. Later. 😉

5. What are you looking forward to most about junior year of high school?
PROM! And being able to drive to school. Having a summer birthday stinks because you have to beg your friends for rides everywhere. So, yeah, I cannot WAIT to get my license. Now, if you asked me what I’m NOT looking forward to my junior year, that’s a much longer list.
Thanks for having me, Katherine! That was so much fun!!!

There you go! It was so much fun having Ally answer my questions too. I hope you all pick up the book which will be on sale July 1st. Thanks again!




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