The Girl With the Blood Red Lips by V.B. Marlowe Review

The Girl with the Blood Red Lips

The Girl with the Blood Red Lips by V.B. Marlowe (Curses in Crimson #1)

Published All Night Reads 2014

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Format: I received an egalley of this book from this publisher. This does not affect my views or opinions on this book in any way.

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b38bc-coollogo_com-221351400Neva is different. Aside from having a phobia of mirrors and an unquenchable desire for apples, she harbors a dark secret. She’s been cursed to repeat the same three years of her life over and over again. Unfortunately, these three years happen to be Neva’s sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school, and high school’s not that easy when everyone considers you a freak. To break her curse, Neva must accomplish a grisly task that she can’t bring herself to complete. Will Neva break her curse in time, or will she be bound by it forever?

029c6-coollogo_com-9181998This book was not at all what I expected. I thought it was a vampire book, which it was obviously not (why was I even thinking that? Just because a title has the word ‘blood’ in it doesn’t mean it’s about vampires…). This is actually a fairytale retelling of Snow White which definitely needs to be defined in the summary above. I would never get that from the cover or the title. Thankfully, I read another review of this book that mentioned this idea as well. Know that before going in. Otherwise, you will probably be forever confused.

That being said, I liked this interpretation of Snow White’s story. She’s trapped with this three part curse (I’m not sure of curses work that way, but whatever) – she has to stay between the ages of fifteen and seventeen forever, she is addicted to apples, and she can’t look at mirrors. I really liked the first and the last part of the curse, but her addiction to apples got a little weird. Seriously. SHE STOLE A PIECE OF CANDY FROM ANOTHER GIRL’S HAND. That’s jut unnaturally weird. I can’t even explain my reaction to that part of the story. And it continues with many weird descriptions of apple based food for the rest of the book.

Neva was an interesting character (I loved her name), but I didn’t feel much character depth. The point of this book is for her to undo the curse – but she’s been stuck this way for hundreds of years and decides to break it now, why? I don’t know. And the way she does is also really weird. I never expected that from her. I really liked her Father (the Huntsman) and their neighbor Dot. She was a great comic relief! The high schoolers were extremely stereotyped though. We had the hot guy, who met Neva during a week long school project, and somehow fell in love with her. Insta love at it’s finest…And the popular girl who was actually really nice. I did like who the witch was though.

This book is really short and the plot does suffer a little from that. It makes it a fun, light, easy read (see Pretty Little Liars style writing as well). If you are in the mood for a story like that, then I would suggest this book. Just don’t expect too much.



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