Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate


Life of a Blogger is a weekly post hosted by Novel Heartbeat, telling you a little more about the blogger behind the blog! This week’s theme is 101 Things I Hate, going with last week’s 101 Things I Love.

  1. Pushy interviewers (a la Wendy Williams…)
  2. Arrogance
  3. Hypocrisy
  4. Country Music
  5. Not listening to other people’s opinions
  6. Too many books on my TBR
  7. Bent corners on paper and such
  8. Messes
  9. The smell of pine
  10. When I send a text and never get a response
  11. Being one point off
  12. Obvious lying
  13. Bad dancing
  14. Bad singing
  15. Tea
  16. Finals week
  17. Going outside in sweatpants
  18. Makeup
  19. Makeup remover
  20. Running out of shampoo
  21. Awkward cashier experiences (I have too many of these)
  22. When the store is out of my foundation shade
  23. Stores putting out school supplies halfway through July
  24. Shoes that are too big
  25. Shoes that are too small
  26. When something keeps falling down repeatedly
  27. Political parties
  28. Annoying people on planes
  29. Painting fences
  30. Backyards (this is weird, I know)
  31. Smog
  32. Traffic
  33. Bad drivers
  34. Daylight Savings Time
  35. Valentine’s Day
  36. Bad book covers
  37. Unnoted price changes
  38. Returning things purchased online
  39. Procrastination
  40. Regrets
  41. Missed opportunities
  42. Birds
  43. January
  44. Snow
  45. Uneducated tourists
  46. Pushy tour guides
  47. Pushy photographers
  48. Short shorts
  49. Homework
  50. The song ‘Happy’
  51. Waiting for books to be released
  52. Spacing between the hashtag and punctuation (like so: #amwriting !)
  53. Facebook
  54. Celebrity magazines
  55. When people haven’t tried something and say it’s terrible
  56. Twerking
  57. Bills
  58. General paper of any sort
  59. Emailing
  60. Extremely large purses
  61. Shoes
  62. Ridiculous optimism
  63. Addicting iPhone games
  64. People who think they know things, but they don’t
  65. Bad losers
  66. Laziness
  67. Nail polish
  68. Sunburns
  69. Spring break
  70. The necessity that I should go somewhere for spring break
  71. Doing this list right now
  72. Unfluffed tutus
  73. Forgetting something
  74. Running late
  75. Running out of battery
  76. Large textbooks (especially those not used)
  77. Busy work in class
  78. Old movies
  79. Actually, any movies
  80. Animated television shows
  81. Audiobooks
  82. iTunes
  83. The idea that women should get married and have kids
  84. People who don’t understand feminism
  85. Being sick
  86. Sore muscles
  87. Pulling muscles
  88. Country roads
  89. Monopoly
  90. Bad grammar
  91. People who point out bad grammar
  92. People who clog my Twitter feed
  93. Sausage
  94. Eggs
  95. Breakfast foods in general
  96. When Scandal is not on (I’m writing this on a Scandal-less Thursday :()
  97. Overanalyzing books
  98. Changing my writing style for a teacher
  99. Potato chips
  100. Spam
  101. Internet hacks

THAT WAS SO HARD!!! Ahhh….the 101 things I love was so much easier. I guess that’s good though šŸ™‚

What are some things you hate?


3 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate

    • Haha! Yeah, January around here is just so cold and snowy, plus it means that I have to wait another year for Christmas to happen again. And Spam is so salty and weird tasting!

  1. Wow. This is such a long list, but I agree with a lot of the things on that list. Snow is literally the worst and I am so glad it is finally getting warm where I live! I love seeing things like this in blog because it really allows you to get to know the blogger! I think your blog is wonderful and I am nominating you for the Liebster Award! For more information check out my blog and blog post here:

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