Poached by Stuart Gibbs Review

Poached Poached by Stuart Gibbs Published Simon & Schuster 2014 Genre: Children’s Mystery Format: Hardback from the library Buy this book: AmazonBarnes & Noble b38bc-coollogo_com-221351400Teddy Fitzroy’s back for another zoo mystery—this time it’s a koala caper—in this action-packed follow-up to Belly Up, which Kirkus Reviews called “great fun.” School troublemaker Vance Jessup thinks Teddy Fitzroy’s home at FunJungle, a state-of-the-art zoo and theme park, is the perfect place for a cruel prank. Vance bullies Teddy into his scheme, but the plan goes terribly awry.

Teddy sneaks into the koala exhibit to hide out until the chaos dies down. But when the koala goes missing, Teddy is the only person caught on camera entering and exiting the exhibit.

Teddy didn’t commit the crime—but if he can’t find the real culprit, he’ll be sent to juvie as a convicted koala-napper. 029c6-coollogo_com-9181998  I love this book. It’s just so intriguing, from the minute it starts until the minute it ends. Even though it is a children’s novel, there really is nothing that makes it so. It would really be enjoyable for anyone who loves a good mystery. It always makes me feel kind of stupid when I cannot figure out the culprit in children’s books, yet these kids can. And it happened again in this book!

The first book in this duology (although you don’t have to read any in order and many people have read this without reading the first and still loved it) was so enjoyable. I have been looking forward to this book for a really long time, and now all I want is another book with Teddy and FunJungle Zoo. FunJungle has so many PR problems that it is so funny to keep seeing everything mess up for that park (which I really want to exist in real life). The set up of the theme park is so interesting and it’s a great location for the mystery. There is so much going on. It’s like multiple mysteries within the one mystery and it really helps build the tension.

I love the main character, Teddy. He’s so smart and funny. Teddy is a great main character and is very likable. Marge, the main villain in this story who is framing him, is a great villain. I hated her so much and it was so much fun! They have a lot of really funny encounters between the two. I also loved the relationship Teddy had with his parents. It was really unlike most parent-child relationships, but it was really enjoyable as they helped him through solving the crime.

The tension to solve the koala kidnapping was so intense. I was so freaked out by the prospect of the koala’s death…like seriously, I was so on edge the entire time. The writing was really funny and quirky, like your regular children’s book. But it was really cute and enjoyable. Stuart Gibbs is one of my favorite children’s authors and I cannot wait for more books for him (he has another one coming out this year about astronauts).



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