Blood Red Road by Moira Young Review

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)

Summary: Saba lives in Silverlake, a wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms where her family scavenge from landfills left by the long-gone Wrecker civilization. After four cloaked horsemen kidnap her beloved twin brother Lugh, she teams up with daredevil Jack and the Free Hawks, a girl gang of Revolutionaries. 

Saba learns that she is a fierce fighter, an unbeatable survivor, and a cunning opponent. And she has the power to take down a corrupt society from the inside. Saba and her new friends stage a showdown that change the course of her civilization.

Review: I actually read this book a while ago, but I wasn’t sure how to approach this review. This book was a large book, somewhere around 400 pages. A lot happened in those four hundred pages – every page was packed with action and character development. It was almost overwhelming with everything happening in the book. 

Saba is a strong female character, literally strong. She is the most Katniss-like character I have seen in a female character. If it was Saba vs. Katniss in a fight, Saba might even pull of the win. She is not only physically strong, but mentally as well. She is smart and cunning, a good decision maker, strong willed. Everything about her is likable, but she also has such a strong front that it may seem a little hard to connect with her for the first few pages. Saba really is a character to desire to be like. Even to the way she deals with her love interest is admirable. Loved, loved this character!! 

The action is so well paced and plotted out. Everything is exciting and fun. There is no scene that feels boring or used as a filler scene. The book is long, but never boring. Everything is very well written, from all the fight scenes to the beautiful descriptions of the barren desert they fight their way through. It’s really fun to read about. I would compare it to The Darkest Minds or Hunger Games in action. 

The writing style is a little awkward to read. It is written like The Knife of Never Letting Go, in Southern speak with misspelled words and bad grammar. It does add to the story, but sometimes can get a little hard to read. Eventually, it just seems natural, but I suggest reading certain scenes aloud if you can’t understand them. It really does fit Saba’s character, especially seeing their lifestyle and conditions. 

Overall, this book was a super fun read! I highly suggest it to any fans of action packed dystopias. 

5/5 Stars

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