NaNoWriMo Discussion

It’s almost November, meaning the National November Writing Month is almost upon us! This is my first official year participating (last year I just watched every one else and wrote a paragraph…) and I’m almost ready. Let’s chat about what I plan to write. 

Title: Purple 
Why? Mostly because you’ll see (one day) and I’m a huge fan of mysterious, one word titles. 
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi
Why? I’m most experienced in reading young adult and sci-fi, so it fits naturally. 
Synopsis in 5 Words: Weapon Fights in Techno Game
Like Hunger Games? No. Definitely not. No children deaths, no nature aspect, no disturbing outside violence. 
Anything else? My friends have described it as an anti-dystopia, so there’s that. Also, I’m doing something cool with colors. 
I’ll be doing weekly process updates or you can follow my profile page here.
Good luck!

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