Tithe by Holly Black: Review

Tithe (The Modern Faerie Tales, #1)

Rating: 1/5 Stars

To be totally honest, I didn’t finish this book. I got through the prologue and the first chapter, but I had to stop there. So many things were wrong with this book and I could just not push myself through it. I hate to leave books, but honestly I don’t know how I could possibly get through Tithe. 
Some reasons why:
  1. The language. I have no problem whatsoever with curse words. But, just like any other word, they have meanings. If they are not used with those meanings in mind, that is when I start having problems with it. Every sentence has one thrown in – of every size – and they don’t make any sense together. They distract so much from the story. 
  2. Kaye is the most irritable human being. She makes me want to pull my hair out. By the first chapter, we should at least be able to identify some reason to like the main character, to feel for them. In this book, I just felt repulsed by her. I can’t imagine having to read a book following her around. 
  3. The writing is atrocious. It reminds me a lot of Cassandra Clare’s, but her’s is a little bit more defined. I totally understand why the two of them would be writing a book together. They write exactly the same (which to be honest kind of bothers me a little bit. It’s questionable). Everything about this book felt forced. 
Those are my three readings for no longer finishing this book. I picked this out of my book jar, so I’m not too concerned with not finishing it, but it is definitely a disappointment. 

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